shadayMy name is Shaday and I have an 11-month old son, Deh’mier. I have been through a lot of hardships in my life. I became pregnant at 21 years old without a job or a stable place to reside.  I was living with my aunt, who I felt was using me to babysit her children.

Upon my third trimester of pregnancy, I became overwhelmed feeling unappreciated and decided to move to the Women Crisis Center. After I gave birth to my son in November of 2012, my aunt apologized for mistreating me and insisted that I move back in with her. On January 14, 2013, my son and I became homeless, because my aunt’s boyfriend did not want us there. As a result, I went back to the Women Crisis Center and learned about the Homeless Prevention Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP) at Rockford Meld. Unfortunately, I did not qualify for the program due to a lack of income. However, I filled out the application and I was put on the waiting list.

Meanwhile, I began to look for employment daily, until I acquired a job at Anderson Packaging. On April 3, 2013, I went to Rockford Meld for the intake process and was given two weeks to find an apartment.  I had a difficult time finding a landlord willing to lease me an apartment, because of my inadequate work history and low income.  I informed the case manager and was given a list of landlords who would possibly rent to me.   I’m happy to say, that during the last seven months I have managed to maintain living in my own two- bedroom apartment, which wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of Rockford Meld.

The program has been such a blessing for my family; I’ve learned to check my credit report, create online banking accounts, budget my income while paying off monthly bills and other important life skills.  I would like to especially thank my case manager Theresa Casey for helping me obtained a valid Illinois driver’s license.  Approximately two years ago someone stole my identity and it was very frustrating trying to fix this issue.  Nonetheless, she dedicated a lot of time to assure this personal goal of mine would be met. I‘m so thankful for Rockford Meld-HPRP program assistance and I look forward to accomplishing more goals in the future.

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