This is a poem written by one of our current shelter residents, Darjinae. I thought it was great and wanted to share.

More than a…

I’m more than a mother, more than just homeless, this is more
than just a shelter. I am inspiration in its highest form, a leader to those who
cannot lead themselves.

I have many hats. I’m a performer, teacher, cuddler, warrier. I fight monsters in
closets and under beds.

I am a doctor, a Nurse, a counselor. I am everything my child need me to be and

I have no off days. I am constantly bettering myself and my child.

I will learn more, love more, read more, and be more.

This shelter does just that. It shelters us from evil temptations.

It helps us stay on track to become the role models we strive to be.

It gets us one step closer to our goals. It sets life skills that we need in
the future. it lets me stay focused on education and becoming