The MELD Make a Difference Fund generates revenue for Rockford MELD to continue its mission of strengthening young families and youth. Unrestricted gifts to the MELD Make a Difference Fund are directed to the programs and services in greatest immediate need, ensuring our continued success in providing information, education and support to parents, their children and youth in our community.

Or Download this form to make your donation by mail (pdf)

Here are some other ways you can help MELD now and for our future:

  • Consider a gift of stocks, bonds or securities to MELD.
    Benefits of these non-cash options may include a tax deduction and a reduction or avoidance of capital gains tax.
  • Name MELD as a beneficiary
    If you have more life insurance than your family needs, or consider taking out a new policy with MELD as the beneficiary. This provides a resource of lifetime giving commitment.
  • Contribute tax free dollars for use at a later date through a retirement plan.
    Distributions from retirement funds are taxed but can provide tax advantages.
  • Designate MELD as a beneficiary in your will.
    This is an opportunity to support MELD while costing you nothing during your lifetime. Planned gifts allow you to make a significant investment to MELD without detracting from your current income or your financial security.
  • Memorial or Tribute Giving
    Special people and special occasions are worth remembering. A gift to MELD is an ideal way to honor the person or occasion while at the same time helping to make a difference in your own community.
  • Employee Matching Gifts
    If your employer matches your charitable contributions, your gift to MELD will be multiplied.
  • In-Kind Contributions
    MELD is always in need of supplies both for our clients and our programs, including printing paper, computers, artwork, bus tokens, gift incentives, baby and personal supplies. See the MELD WISH LIST.

Everyone has something to give…no matter how old you are, what you do for a living, how much money you make or where you live. A famous quote goes as saying something like this…

…one hundred years from now, no one will remember what car you drove, what house you lived in, or maybe not even what you did for a living. What they will remember …is the difference you made now and for generations to come.

Remember, making a gift to MELD can AND will make a difference now and in the future. For further information, please contact MELD and also consult with your legal and financial counsel.

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