karla-meld-momI met my boyfriend, Jorge, at a dance and we became involved. Later on I went a couple of months without a period and I was scared…it felt like a nightmare. One day I needed to know so I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive, but I still didn’t want to believe it. My cousin and Jorge took me to the doctor and the results told us that I was 14 weeks along. Lots of things went through my head including abortion, but Jorge supported me and the baby. I was very upset as I felt like my future was falling apart…I was only 15 years old! I hid my pregnancy for a couple of days until one day Jorge came knocking at my door. He said, “We need to tell your parents!” I was not ready. My parents thought I was going to ask if I could go out, but then Jorge told them everything. My Mom started crying and my Dad kept on telling me how disappointed they were. How all the plans they had for me were all gone. How the unborn baby will ruin my life. My parents left the house to go talk to my grandparents. After months went by my parents still didn’t show compassion for my baby.

When I was told about the weekly MELD parenting group at my school (Auburn High School) I was relieved. I really needed to talk to someone about my worries. When my daughter was born (May 2014) and as time went by I learned that with a baby your life changes completely but my daughter has helped me put effort into my goals, so that her future is brighter than mine. I learned that when I’m upset she will be there to give me a warm hug. I learned how to organize and be prepared faster. I learned how to get on an exact schedule. I learned when Allison sleeps I sleep as well. And how to say NO. Whenever she’s sleeping I hurry up and finish my chores. I learned to tell what different cries mean and which frowns are serious. Jorge and I are stronger than ever and my parents LOVE Allison.

I plan to learn from my mistakes and to graduate high school (next year) and then go to college with my daughter and boyfriend next to me. I will study nursing and guide my daughter into the right path. We want to get our own place and eventually get married…no more kids for 7-10 years. My MELD group has helped me respect and value myself. I am learning to accept what life has given me. I’m learning techniques on how to guide my daughter from my group leader (Terry Lynch) and from the other mommies. MELD has taught me that there are still opportunities for teen mothers!

Thanks to MELD and to Terry for helping to make me the mom I am today!

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