courtneyWhen I was 19, I found myself in a very tough situation. I was pregnant and homeless and had been living with my boyfriend, but things did not work out. I was 8 weeks pregnant when I visited the abortion clinic in Aurora. Scared out of my mind, I sat down waiting for my name to be called so I could go back and terminate my pregnancy. I wasn’t ready to be a mother. In my eyes, things couldn’t get any worse. I left the clinic that day without getting an abortion.

Out of options, I decided to turn to Rockford Meld. After a lot of thinking and stressing, I decided to keep my baby. While pregnant, I continued to work and go to school.

MELD has helped me grow as a person. I’ve learned new copping skills for motherhood and life situations. After having my daughter in January, I returned to work in March. Things with her father got a lot better and we are now looking forward. Through MELD, I’ve been able to attend Rockford Career College where I’ve obtained my CNA certificate as well as my PCT/A (Patient Care Technician certificate).

When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought my life was over, but now I know that life is just beginning. Without the support of MELD and my Case Manager, Jennifer Winberg, I don’t think I would be where I am today. There is so much more I have to look forward to in my future. I am registered for my second year at Rock Valley College. I plan to go on to nursing school to get my Bachelor’s in science and nursing. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and I thank God for my daughter and the journey I’ve been on this past year and a half.

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