laquishaLife doesn’t always turn out the way we plan…sometimes we need to make a new plan. Laquisha was fifteen years old when she found out she was pregnant. That was not the plan for this motivated, athletic young woman.  And then Laquisha discovered she was pregnant with TWINS!!!  Plans changed again when Laquisha went into premature labor, delivering her two precious baby daughters at twenty two weeks.

On August 23, 2008 Trinity was born, followed by Terrica. Trinity was born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck and despite the hospitals’ efforts, Trinity died after two days.  Terrica was only one pound at birth and was hospitalized at Rockford Memorial for four months.  Laquisha spent all the time she could at the hospital, fearing the loss of Terrica as well.  But that wasn’t the plan…Terrica went home in December to a joyful mom, grandmother and great grandmother.  And it took all of them to meet the special needs of their little Terrica.

Life became a series of doctor’s appointment, treatments with various specialists and the normal baby stress.  On top of that, Laquisha returned to Jefferson High School where she joined the weekly Meld Parenting Group.

“When I became a teen mom I thought my life was over, but when I started coming to the Rockford Meld Group the staff showed me that my life was just beginning,”  she said.

Laquisha also continued playing basketball for Jefferson, earning All-NIC 10 honors and being chosen for the Rising Stars Classic All-Star Basketball team.  Because of all the demands in her life, Laquisha transferred to Roosevelt High School so she could take advantage of a more flexible schedule.  She will graduate soon.  In the meantime, Laquisha continues to attend and be a leader in the weekly Meld parenting group at Roosevelt.

Because Terrica was premature, she continues to have developmental delays.  Laquisha has learned to ask questions, to be an advocate for her daughter, and to believe that Terrica can grow to achieve her own dreams. Together, they are making great plans for their futures.

What does Laquisha want you to know?  “I love Terrica so much!”

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