anastasia1Why? “Why” is what I used to ask myself every day. Why is my life so messed up? Why can’t I have a nice life? Why am I living in my car with my son? Why Lord? Why?

Then I say to myself, “No Stasia, don’t think that way. God has a plan for you and will not put too much on your shoulders”.

Then when I think we are going to be OK, the worst comes.

I get a phone call. “Stasia, the landlord said you can’t stay here because that would be too many people in one house”.

Then I just stop, break down, and cry. I start thinking again, why me? I’m tired God, I’m so tired. What am I going to do?  Where are me and my son going to go? Where will I park my car so nothing happens to us while we sleep?

Then I stop, get myself together, and go back into my school (Educators of Beauty) and continue serving my client. When I was done, I went to the bathroom and broke down crying.

Then a good friend named Crystal came and prayed with me. As we were praying, my teacher came in the bathroom and she started crying and stated, “What? I am going to see what we can do”.

So ever since December 3, 2011, my life has changed by one phone call to MELD. I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been since my mom was alive. MELD has been my mother, my friend, and my everything. They’ve had my back all the way through ups and downs since I’ve been here. I never knew that people can be so kind and loving to someone they never knew until I was in the MELD program.

MELD has continued in my life to help me move into my own apartment and they helped me get a job at a salon that will be opening soon. They are helping me to continue my career, education and life. I would have given up hope if I would never have come to MELD.

MELD’s the best and I love you guys!!! I also want to thank Trina, Megan, Elisha and all my support team at school. They helped me to be the best I can be and to get into MELD’s shelter.

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